YAYA Nijmegen

Located in the city center of Nijmegen, our YAYA concept store welcomes you to swing by and check out our latest collection, while enjoying a cup of coffee with us.

Our concept store is near lots of bars, restaurants and musea. The vibrant street ‘Stikke Hezelstraat’ is just a 10 min walk, this is a nice shopping street with beautiful boutiques. After shopping you can visit the St. Stevens church, the oldest church of Nijmegen.


YAYA Nijmegen
Ziekerstraat 49 A
6511 LE Nijmegen

Opening hours

Wegens de huidige situatie hebben ook wij ervoor gekozen onze winkels te sluiten tot nader orde. Houd onze sociale kanalen in de gaten om de laatste updates te volgen.


024 8182748